Sand Pond Society Accomplishments

The Sand Pond Society has taken on quite a few large projects since it was formed back in 2006.  We've documented a few of these projects below - click on the "Read More..." link on any article to find out more and view photos.

We have been able to deliver these projects due to the overwhelming generosity of the No-Be alumni community.  Please consider making a donation towards our future projects.  The Sand Pond Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Your donation is tax deductible.  Thanks!

Campfire site improvements


During a major windstorm in December 2010, the profile of Chief Oratam was torn from its supports and destroyed.  A likeness of the good chief has watched over campfires at the camp since the late 1960’s. The Society tracked down a reliable image of Oratam’s image, and began construction of both a new profile and serious improvements to the superstructure.  Using materials and methods that should seriously improve the life expectancy of this project, the Society has made all of the needed preparations, and is now turning the unpainted profile and research over to a professional artist.  We anticipate unveiling the new Chief Oratam at the opening campfire of Summer Camp 2011.

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