Sand Pond Society Accomplishments

The Sand Pond Society has taken on quite a few large projects since it was formed back in 2006.  We've documented a few of these projects below - click on the "Read More..." link on any article to find out more and view photos.

We have been able to deliver these projects due to the overwhelming generosity of the No-Be alumni community.  Please consider making a donation towards our future projects.  The Sand Pond Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Your donation is tax deductible.  Thanks!

Earth Day 2009

Earth DayThe Sand Pond Society (SPS) forged a partnership between the BSA, the NJ Landscape Contractors Association and the NJ Chapter of the Land Improvement Contractors of America.  16 contractor firms, 4 suppliers, and SPS volunteers pitched in for a massive work weekend.  Most of the contractors brought at least one piece of heavy machinery.  Technical support was also provided by the Ruffed Grouse Society and PSE&G.

63 people attended the weekend, most of whom were seasoned contractors.  The cost to the Council was only $4,200.  The value of the work accomplished was more than $75,000.  Over 700 man-hours of labor were donated.

Work included:

  • Replacement of the bridge between Ho-Ho-Kus Lodge and ParBan Cabin
  • Improvement of drainage at the shooting sports area
  • Improvement of the road to the shooting sports area
  • Replacement of a 12" culvert between shooting sports and ParBan Cabin
  • Aeration and application of lime, fertilizer and seed to the A-Field
  • Aeration and application of lime, fertilizer and seed to the Parade Field
  • Restoration of southeast section of PSE&G right-of-way for planting area
  • Grading of area for future soccer field
  • Landscaping work around perimeter of Parade Field
  • Improvement to camp entrance road
  • Improvement of drainage near Price Lodge
  • Removal of four hazard trees
  • Plumbing repair at Oratam Lodge
  • Replacement of damaged water lines throughout camp
  • Cleaning and de-winterizing of kitchen in preparation for Weboree
  • Planting of 2,900 seedlings in wildlife habitat improvement area
  • Planting of 100 seedlings near the South Showerhouse and two new cabins
  • Planting of 500 seedlings near Hopi campsite (during Weboree)


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