Sand Pond Society Accomplishments

The Sand Pond Society has taken on quite a few large projects since it was formed back in 2006.  We've documented a few of these projects below - click on the "Read More..." link on any article to find out more and view photos.

We have been able to deliver these projects due to the overwhelming generosity of the No-Be alumni community.  Please consider making a donation towards our future projects.  The Sand Pond Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Your donation is tax deductible.  Thanks!

Replacement of Jacksonburg Creek Bridge

bakerscrossing3The former bridge over the Jacksonburg Creek near Price Lodge was poorly designed and flooded serveral times each year.  The Sand Pond Society (SPS) arranged for a significant discount on new concrete culverts, saving the Council $7000.  SPS then coordinated additional donations (e.g. crane, etc.) and volunteered well over 200 man hours of labor to assist with the installation of the new bridge.  The resulting bridge will last through many generations.

bakerscrossing1 bakerscrossing2
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