Sand Pond Society Accomplishments

The Sand Pond Society has taken on quite a few large projects since it was formed back in 2006.  We've documented a few of these projects below - click on the "Read More..." link on any article to find out more and view photos.

We have been able to deliver these projects due to the overwhelming generosity of the No-Be alumni community.  Please consider making a donation towards our future projects.  The Sand Pond Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Your donation is tax deductible.  Thanks!

Waterfront Lodge renovations

Responding to camper complaints about draftiness and general lack of upkeep, the Sand Pond Society adopted Waterfront Lodge in the Spring of 2011. The existing board-and-batten siding was covered over with newly sawn rustic siding.  Two old windows were replaced, as was the electrical wiring throughout the cabin.  The interior was improved using new pine paneling, and the ceiling is being painted.  By bringing together a team of motivated carpenters and electricians, providing $3,000 worth of materials and strong leadership, the Sand Pond Society has once again turned the worst cabin in camp into one of the best cabins in camp.

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Campfire site improvements


During a major windstorm in December 2010, the profile of Chief Oratam was torn from its supports and destroyed.  A likeness of the good chief has watched over campfires at the camp since the late 1960’s. The Society tracked down a reliable image of Oratam’s image, and began construction of both a new profile and serious improvements to the superstructure.  Using materials and methods that should seriously improve the life expectancy of this project, the Society has made all of the needed preparations, and is now turning the unpainted profile and research over to a professional artist.  We anticipate unveiling the new Chief Oratam at the opening campfire of Summer Camp 2011.

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Boathouse stabilized

The Sand Pond Society worked with the Northern NJ Council, BSA to stabilize the boathouse at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco.  When this structure was built in the 1950’s, the lake was at a much lower permanent level.  However, given the reintroduction of beaver back into the area, the lake level is now at a level where a portion of the wooden structure was submerged during several months of the year.  This contact with water led to severe rot at or near ground level.  In addition, some of the foundation was in need of repair.

The Society replaced all of the wood that was in contact with water with concrete block, and repaired unstable portions of the foundation.  With the structure now stable, the Council has replaced the boathouse doors creating a safer environment for our staff and campers.

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Totem Pole Replacement

IMG00173-20100625-1033In 2010, the Sand Pond Society joined the Weboree to replace the totem poles that welcome Scouts to camp near the camp office.  The former totem poles were carved by Scouter Dave Dion in the mid 90s and have been featured in countless photos since then.

The poles were starting to show signs of significant rot.  When they were removed, we found that the logs were hollow and full of insects.  The new poles are carved from white oak by a local artist.

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Flagpole Replacement

10In 2010, the Sand Pond Society joined with Troop 53, Fair Lawn NJ, to raise funds for materials and equipment to replace the flagpole on the parade grounds near the quartermaster building.  The existing 40' steel flagpole was erected 50+ years ago and was dedicated in memory of Nils Martinson, a Scout from Fair Lawn. 

The aging flagpole had received a few coats of paint over the years, but the visible rust had us (and the original flagpole manufacturer) a bit concerned.  The new aluminum pole was erected during the spring beaver weekend in June 2010. 

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Earth Day 2009

Earth DayThe Sand Pond Society (SPS) forged a partnership between the BSA, the NJ Landscape Contractors Association and the NJ Chapter of the Land Improvement Contractors of America.  16 contractor firms, 4 suppliers, and SPS volunteers pitched in for a massive work weekend.  Most of the contractors brought at least one piece of heavy machinery.  Technical support was also provided by the Ruffed Grouse Society and PSE&G.

63 people attended the weekend, most of whom were seasoned contractors.  The cost to the Council was only $4,200.  The value of the work accomplished was more than $75,000.  Over 700 man-hours of labor were donated.

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Hazard Tree Removal

hazardtrees4We’ve drastically improved safety in camp by cutting down 70 very dangerous hazard trees in the last 3 years.  25 of those were considered high-risk due to proximity to cabins and power lines.  Our gratitude to Mammoth Tree Service of Long Valley, NJ.

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Cabin Chimney Restoration

chimney8Van Dusen Lodge and Ho-Ho-Kus Lodge both feature massive fieldstone fireplaces.  Both fireplaces had multiple structural cracks that required immediate repair.  Van Dusen's firebox was missing a large stone, and was no longer safe to operate.

The Sand Pond Society (SPS) drew up a plan to improve the efficiency of the fireplaces, interviewed contractors and solicited proposals.  After approving the project with Council, SPS then raised $23,700 to fund those proposals and fix the fireplaces.

Work began in October 2009 to restore the chimneys and install high efficiency wood burning inserts.  The work was completed in November 2009.

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Log Cabin Restoration

logcabins8SPS members interviewed potential contractors at the camp and gathered proposals in 2007 and 2008. Selected proposals were then recommended to the BSA for funding.  In order to leverage the BSA's funds, the contractors' proposals were drawn up assuming that volunteers would handle certain demolition or unskilled work.

In 2008-2009, the BSA approved the proposals recommended by SPS. Contracts were signed and work began in August 2009.  SPS provided volunteers for demolition work.

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Replacement of Jacksonburg Creek Bridge

bakerscrossing3The former bridge over the Jacksonburg Creek near Price Lodge was poorly designed and flooded serveral times each year.  The Sand Pond Society (SPS) arranged for a significant discount on new concrete culverts, saving the Council $7000.  SPS then coordinated additional donations (e.g. crane, etc.) and volunteered well over 200 man hours of labor to assist with the installation of the new bridge.  The resulting bridge will last through many generations.

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Rosenberg Lodge Renovations

rosenberg10Donated by Jack and Lillian Rosenberg, this faciltiy was built in 1962.  Originally purposed as a Jewish Chapel, the building fell into disrepair after being unused for 25-30 years. 

In 2007, the Sand Pond Society (SPS) surveyed the structure and found severe water damage to the interior floor due to a puncture in the roof from a tree limb.  The building had been without electricity since the 1980s and never had a heat source.  SPS quickly raised $5000 for materials and donated approx 700 man hours of volunteer service to repair the building. 

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